1. Priyanka Chopra responds to Rosie O’Donnell’s apology

Comedian Rosie O’Donnell publicly apologizes to Priyanka Chopra for misidentifying her as acclaimed author Deepak Chopra), “Mary Kom” star expressed her opinion.

Priyanka posted a lengthy statement on Instagram, in which she called the comedian “some sort of Chopra” and “Chopra’s wife”. “I’ve never been so serious thinking that everyone would know who I am, or what I’m doing. But if you want to make a public apology for a really embarrassing personal encounter, I think it’s better take the time to Google my name, Even try to reach out directly, ”he wrote.

He added: “We should all be respected for our unique personalities and not be called ‘someone’ or ‘woman’, especially in a sincere apology. If we can learn to respect our real-world identity Difference, it would our world is great for raising our children. “

To the unfamiliar, Rossi shared two videos on Instagram and TikTok a few days ago where she revealed what happened when she met Priyanka and her husband Nick Jonas.

In the first video, Rosie says she saw Nick and Priyanka on a date with her son and girlfriend.

“Sitting next to us are Nick Jonas and his wife ‘Somebody’ Chopra, who I always thought was Deepak Chopra’s daughter,” he said in the video.

Speaking to Priyanka, she said she knew her father. “It was like, ‘Would you be like? Who’s my dad?’ I was like ‘Deepak.’ She was like ‘No. And Chopra is a common name.’ “I’m really embarrassed,”

Rossi said in the video, and asked if she was the only one who always thought Priyanka was Deepak’s daughter.

Rosie’s apology was probably not well received by Priyanka.

In her post, Priyanka even reiterated that not everyone with the same last name is related.

“As I said before, not all Chopra are associated with the great Deepak Chopra, just as not all Smiths are related to the legendary Will Smith,” he concluded.

Priyanka and Nick got married in December 2018 after dating for a while.

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