“Encanto”: discover the magic within us

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong to a family or that the rest of the world is talented at what they do? Maybe that’s how most of us feel about ourselves. That’s why Disney’s animated movie “Encanto” lets us know that we’re all perfect in our own way. We all have our own magic that sets us apart.

Directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard (Zootopia), co-directed by Charles Castro Smith (Rea and the Last Dragon), Encanto November 2021 Released on the 24th. “Encanto” is a story of the magical realism of the Colombian Madrigal family and their house called “Casita”. Casita is alive and made of magic. He speaks by moving his tiles, shutters and helping to organize things in the house

In addition, Casita has a tradition. When all madrigals come of age, they are given a magical ability and a door to a luxurious bedroom that matches their new magic. The tradition begins with Abella’s grandmother (Maria Cecilia Botero) and her family fleeing village violence, surviving tragedy and discovering miracles at the worst of times. A candle that never goes out. The Mirabell family is respected by the entire village for choosing to use magic for the benefit of the community.

Everyone in this family has their own unique abilities, such as the ability to listen to everything and talk to animals. Abuela’s daughter Julieta (Angie Cepeda) has the power to heal others through cooking, while her second daughter Pepa (Carolina Gaitan) can control the weather with her emotions. The visionary Bruno (John Leguizamo) leaves the family after a desperate prophecy. Juliet has three daughters, the perfect Isabella (Diane Guerrero) can control plants, especially flowers, and the mighty Luisa (Jessica Darrow) can lift the heaviest objects with ease, A Mirabelle (Stephanie Beatrice), though without a hitch. pale, sensitive, warm, and wishing her family good luck.

Encanto “focuses on the only family member who is not empowered by Casita. Mirabel is very keen to prove that she can do whatever she can to support her family and community, but it is difficult after her little cousin Antonio (Ravi-Carbo) The day Conyers) receives his gift of being able to talk to animals, Mirabell notices cracks in the house and magic candles flashing. seems to show that the family’s charm is fading, so Mirabelle notices flickers in the magic candle house flashing Bell decides to investigate the root cause of this decline and see if it can be repaired. Suddenly she ‘ finds herself in the mystery of her family’s magical future. Maribel continues to search for her prodigal uncle Bruno, who after his uncle uncovers precognitive hallucinations, removing himself from Banished from the family, Mirabelle is now responsible for find out the truth and save Casita and her beloved family.

“Encanto” is an extremely small but unique story. The story unfolds not on a journey, but in and around Madrigal’s home, as “Encanto” is most interested in the love and struggles of the family, with no silly characters on the side or a Main character romantic. Unlike many of Disney’s main animated characters, Mirabell has not only two living parents, but is surrounded by a large extended family. It’s great to see Disney heroines with cousins. Mirabell has no magic flaw Abilities also sets her apart from other Disney heroines where the main characters have special talents or skills that set them apart from the rest of the characters. The most unique thing is that this is a game never left the home of Disney Adventures.

Overall, “Encanto” is not only a must-see movie for kids, but also a must-see movie for adults.

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