Raze Bagha Serial - Ghesmate Akhar - Raze Bagha Ghesmate 17


Raze Bagha Part 17 (سریال راز بقا قسمت هفدهم) is directed by Saeed Agakhani and written by Amir Vafaei and produced by Mostafa Ahmadi. The genres of this series are social and comedy. The actors of the series Raze Bagha are Bahram Afshari. The main role of this series is a young man named Rahim, played by Bahram Afshari. Saeed Aga Khani also plays the role of a cleric who was friends with Rahim’s father and now has the air of his son after his death. Hassan Majouni also plays the role of Rahim’s brother in this series.