Sarzamine Madari Series - Sarzamine Madari S2 Ghesmate 14


Sarzamine Madari Season 2 Part 14 (سریال سرزمین مادری فصل دوم قسمت چهاردهم) was written by Alireza Talebzadeh and is a historical story. If you are a fan of historical series. In the summary of the story of the Motherland series, it is stated: Rehi’s child, who is the main character of the series, is depicted, and his role is played by Ali Shadman. Rehi is pulled out from under the rubble after the bombing of their village by the allied forces. Rehi leaves for Tehran after being cared for by her mother for a few days. Years later, he grows up in a mass family, but due to his adventures, he is entrusted to a court family. It is in this family that he gradually realizes his identity. This causes it to be entrusted to another religious family; But this is not the end of his adventures and those around him, and this particular series is full of fascinating events.”