Zakhme Kari Persian Series - Final Episode - Zakhme Kari Season 2 Ghesmate 13


Zakhme Kari Season 2 Ghesmate 13 (سریال زخم کاری: بازگشت – فصل 2 قسمت سیزدهم) is directed by Mohammad Hossein Mahdovian and is made in 2023. In the description of the story of Zakhme Kari S2 Bazgasht it is said: “In the absence of Malik, now the claimants to his throne are arriving one by one and this is the beginning of another chaos. You can still smell the blood!” Due to the preservation of the charms, the full story of the second season of Wound Kari will not be announced, but if we want to imagine a little based on the ending of the first season and design the second season in our minds, we must wait for Malik’s survival from stabbings, roars and his revenges against the mafia that his children Uncle Khan had arranged for us. It is natural that some of the actors of the first season of the Zakhme Kari will also be present in the second season. As it has been published by the actors of the Zakhme Kari 2 series, there are artists such as Javad Ezzati, Rana Azadivar, Elaha Hesari, Saeed Cengizian, Amir Dejakam, Morteza Amini-Tabar, Mahlaqa Bagheri and Seyed Javad Hashemi from the first season of this series, who are also in the second season. are present Also, actors such as Cambiz Deirbaz, Mehran Ghafourian and Elnaz Malek have been added to the cast. It is said that some new acting faces will appear for the first time in the series Zakhme Kari 2 Bazgasht will be introduced to home theaters and cinemas.