Asre Jomeh full movie

Asreh Jomeh full movie

Asre Jomeh full movie


It is the story of a woman named Soghand (Roya Nonhali) who is released from prison with a baby. Years later, we see his son Omid (Mehrdad Sedighiyan) who has reached adolescence and leaves the correctional center to go to a newly rented house together. The house is also a barber shop, where she works hard to make ends meet, as well as providing her son with a job as a mechanic. At the same time, Soghand’s sister named Banafsheh (Hanieh Tavassoli) came to Tehran from the city to study at the university and is looking for her sister everywhere. Asre Jomeh (فیلم عصر جمعه) is a Iranian movie that we only allowed to be watched in 1399 after 15 years of waiting for approval.

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