Sargije Serial

Sargijeh Series

Sargije Serial (سریال سرگیجه) is a drama, mystery and social series directed by Tofirang Tawfighi and produced by Mehdi Badrlou on the home show network produced in 1401; The screenplay of Sargije series was also written by Mohammad Monem and Homayoun Hijazi; Sergijeh series is the second experience of Behrang Tawfighi’s presence in home show network after Aghazadeh series
Now, after a successful appearance on the home television network after 2 years, Behrang Tawfighi has again appeared on the home television network with the series Sargijeh. This successful director and writer has directed more than 9 TV series for different Iranian radio and television channels, all of which have been well received by the audience.

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